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Fallen - 'white' - by cat-cat Fallen - 'white' - by cat-cat
Done in pencil + Photoshop 5.0

The alternate version of the previous pic I've submitted with the same title.

Decide to submit this one as well because the more I look at this, the more I prefer this one over the other one.... x_x

(for info about the character and stuff, see the other version)
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Elmara Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2004  Student Writer
*run out of words* Would a +fav suffice?
Deora Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2004  Professional Photographer
This one reminds me of someone...though I can't think of who...Great wings ;) :+fav:
NekoYumi Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2004
wildcomets Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
See previous comment...heh heh...

Anyway, the pic seem to suit both dark and bright tones, ya? Very nice. You can look at which ever one suits your mood at the time. :nod:
talikira Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2004
Ahhh!! THe blinding ness!! XO
Its so purdy.. Ahhhh it burns! @_o
mandachan Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2004
You brighten some area? (' x ')
Erithe Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2004   General Artist
Ok, I definitely prefer this one. Wow. So pretty ... *claps her hands over her nose and runs to the rest room* Oh dear. .. and he's still got his shirt on!!!


*Kidnaps the bish and runs off with him*

Anyway, I'm fascinated by his hand. I hate drawing hands, they always fight me. I love this version because the white emphasizes this sense of chill and brings focus to the drawn elements. As well as making his eye a lot more significant to the composition. Really well done :)
Erithe Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2004   General Artist
There's a sense of power to this one that the other one doesn't quite capture. It's as though he's focusing on the viewer ... and, honestly, I'm not quite comfortable with the expression in his eye *Shiver* Dangeorus. :)
kiplingskat Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2004
Hmm, can't really do a side-by-side comparison, but this one seems a bit less angsty, probably cause it isn't as dark...o.o...AUGH!! Bad pun nooooooo! :ohmygod:
Anyways, I think the eye still stands out quite effectively. This one just has that washed out sort of blinding-light quality about it. :shrug:
they both be pretty, nonetheless. ^.~
ellaine Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2004
Have no idea which one of the two I like more... They both have interesting colors. I like the lights here. Great job anyway^^
Chrizzyfurr Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2004  Hobbyist Writer
:jawdrop: well done love the wings they really look as they give light great job. the shadows are ahsomely well done.

sorry for my english nope iam not stupid iam dutch lol:crazy:
DarkAngel012 Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2004  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow this is amazing!! :+fav: dude
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March 15, 2004
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